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Frank en Vrij Media produces media productions. We work with a regular group of people who all deliver high quality in their own area of expertise. This includes camera people, editors, designers, interaction designers, writers, etc. We assemble the ideal team for each individual assignment. This ensures direct communication and a fast response time. Frank en Vrij Media produces quality at a fair price.



“Hurray! The birth of a concept.”

The word ‘concept’ comes from the Latin ‘concipere’ which means ‘to be impregnated’. To us that embodies what a good concept should do. It should ‘impregnate’ you. It should occupy you, engage all your senses. It settles in your head, in your feelings and in your imagination. We would love to create a concept with you.

I’ll take a concept like that!


“Become your own fan club”

We are a fan of any organization that wishes to become their own fan. We will help you to discover who you really are and then, together with you, we will create a strategy to translate that identity into a means of expression. Be it products or principles. The important thing is to express who you are, even more than to show what you do.

Boring? Certainly not. Because when it comes to finding the answer to the question ‘Who are you?’ we like to look outside the box. Like a couple of children playing with a colander on their heads, rather than a couple of men in grey pinstriped suits. Because it’s better and above all because it’s more fun.

Help me with strategy


“Advanced coloring.”

Everyone knows them: those children who win every coloring competition they enter. Who are born with a marker pen in their hand. With no apparent effort they win yet another teddy bear in yet another coloring competition at the local supermarket. We do know them, and we’d like to introduce them to you.

A good design for a logo, a house style, a website or a presentation enhances the content without distracting from it. It adds color to the identity of your organization. Our designers can capture your organization in shapes and colors. And they always want to win, just like in the old days.

Can I have a design?


“Good story.”

Every organization has a story, but hardly anyone employs a storyteller. We know talented people who can translate core values into core words. They will write the story of your organization, product or service in a creative and stimulating way. We give meaning to letters and value to words. That’s what we call a good story.

I want a good story


“We fit in the picture”

Every organization is photogenic, it just takes a photographer who can picture it. It’s about what you portray and how you do it. Our photographers understand this. We fit in your picture. Feel free to contact us for a chat. Or for a photo.

Put me in the picture



Would you like moving pictures of what is happening in your organization? Would you like to be able to show them to everyone online quickly? And do you not want to spend more than a handful of euros? Then we recommend that you buy a smartphone with a camera function. Do you want to use film to tell a good story? Then zoom in on us. We have the knowledge and the passion. Just ask the people at Dutch Rail (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) and at Van Dorp installaties.

Film me!


“Eye-catching movement.”

We like to keep moving. Whether it’s physically or in business, when a thing stops moving something is wrong. We believe movement is also a good thing for your logo, your annual figures or your presentation. Not to distract, but to catch the eye.

We can help you out by drawing you something great. And of course by making it move. Because you can’t stand still if you want to make progress.

Animate me!


“Promoting your shop.”

A shopkeeper in the middle of the shopping street puts a wooden sign outside the door with the special offer of the week written on it in chalk. He pays for one advertisement a month in the local paper and once in a while he will replace the products in his little shop window.

Old fashioned? We don’t think so. But that shopping street is now the world, the sign is your website, the shop is your web shop, the advertisement in the local paper is social media and the shop window is the app. The same principles, but they require a different strategy. We build shops in the world street. Advertising signs on the world wide web. We think about social media and the use of apps. Can we get to work on your shop?

Work on my shop


“Making your company iconic.”

We work with app-builders who are behind your organization all the way. They will construct an icon with your logo that can be opened on any smartphone, tablet or smart-TV.

A good app is like a miniature version of your company, service or product. It’s a small image of who you are and what you do. You can use an app to offer your customers extras and to announce special offers. It’s also a digital calling card and will ensure that your customers can find you anytime, anywhere.

Make me an app


“We request that you stay at home.”

Sometimes there are moments you long to share. A presentation, a lecture, an event or a concert. You would want to invite the whole world to be a part of it. The only problem is that you don’t have an event hall big enough to hold the whole world. The best solution is to ask your contacts to stay at home.

Because if the world won’t come to the hall, the hall will come to the world. Our hall is called streaming and offers unlimited seating. The great thing is that everyone has a front row seat. On their sofa, chair or beanbag of choice. We will make sure your contacts don’t miss a single second of your event. We guarantee they will go home happy. Or rather that they stay at home happy.

Stream me


“We wish you a pleasant flight.”

Everyone knows that every flyer, poster or pamphlet ends up as a paper airplane. A pity? We don’t think so. As long as you fold it properly and throw it in the right direction. And as long as you read it first of course. We can make sure that that happens. Good images and gripping texts.

A good print makes a good impression. It gets passed on from one person to the next and can reach places you have never been. A worthwhile investment. In that way your organization can travel huge distances through printed materials. Just like a paper airplane.

Print me a plane


“Soapboxes and megaphones.”

Everyone can stand in the market with a megaphone and a soapbox. Can be fun, especially on a Saturday, but we have a different idea about campaigning.

We will think about what market you want to stand in, how high your soapbox should be and at which people you need to aim your megaphone. And it’s better to stand on a soapbox online than at the local market.

We will create product campaigns, social media campaigns and identity campaigns. We will think about the target audience, scope, planning and impact of a good campaign. We will also measure the results during the campaign so that we can make adjustments where necessary. And for us a campaign is not successful until we can end it with champagne.

Create my campaign


“A good list.”

We are proud to introduce our customers to you. A good list, if we do say so ourselves. But we understand that you would think this list was even better if your organization was on there. And we agree. So feel free to contact us if you think you should be on this page.

Put me on the list!
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  • Abn Amro
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  • Rijksoverheid
  • RKK
  • Schouten & Nelissen
  • Shell
  • Sustainalytics
  • TekaGroup
  • Van dorp installaties
  • VNCI
  • van dorp zorg en welzijn
  • VNG
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